After many weeks of being stuck to the couch and the laptop, I was blessed with the most fascinating script I have written till date.

I announced that my new film will be called – Lucia . I got many negative reactions because people felt that it wasn’t an apt title for a Kannada movie. But I was so lost in the script and what Lucia meant that I kind of didn’t take any of those suggestions.

Was constantly bouncing of these ideas with my mentors Yogaraj Bhat, Suri, Jayanth Kaikini but the person who was more involved in this process was Subramanya, he is a veteran and has been part of Kannada films for more than 2 decades. It was shocking that he was supporting my bizarre idea more than anyone else.

The online release of my film Lifeu Ishtene got me interacting with lots of Kannada speaking audiences from all corners of the world. They gave me more perspective on what the audience were looking for in a kannada film.