After launching Home Talkies, I kind of went through more strange experiences. Surya and I had sat for weeks and gotten a site ready but some of the responses we got from some of the producers was not expected even in our wildest nightmares. Some of them were not even interested in releasing the films on the site. The reasons were not communicated, things were always just left hanging.

One of the stars I was really counting on, for whom I waited for weeks together suddenly decided to go for a remake film! He had not even heard the script of Lucia to reject it. And the director of that remake film was getting paid 10 times more than what I got for lifeu Ishtene. That is when I got angry and hurt. I figured that no one here respected original writing or honest efforts. What mattered was who knew who and how well you do your PR.

All that frustration was poured into a blog post called – Making Enemies . And the audience who believed in me came forward and suggested that I make the movie with crowd funding. They started sharing this article on the FB and before I knew there were so many strangers who were sending me messages and emails saying they will put in the money. I was quite touched by this.

Started thinking about all their suggestions.