I did some research on the net and found out more about the concept of Crowd Funding. Nandakumar, a new friend whom I found through Home Talkies sat up with me on the night of Feb 23rd and we both spoke in detail about crowd funding. He kept motivating me to try it out and that kinda helped me make the decision.

After working out all the pros and cons I decided to take the suggestions of the audience and opt for Crowd funding model for making the Film Lucia. I drafted a page called – Project Lucia on my site. All the required details were available for the audience to get into the project.

I had given an option of a 25$ ticket and I was sure that people would buy only that ticket. But just for the kick I had opened an option for investing BIG MONEY as well, but I was sure no one would opt for that. Why would anyone blindly put money in some movie about which no one has any clue! Infact I was sure that the Crowd Funding Idea wouldn’t work. But I didnt want people to tell me that I didnt take their suggestions, so I just started this with no hopes at all, but did secretly wished that it would work. I gave myself a deadline of 100 days to raise the 50lak target.

With in a few minutes of announcing about Crowd Funding, I got a en email from Shilpa Acharya (a complete stranger to me). Her email shocked me because I was not prepared for it at all. This was her email –

Hi Pawan,

My husband Madhu and me are extremely interested in investing in your venture. More than profit making, we are here for our love for our language Kannada. 
I am a bit confused with your investment strategy. Currently we are looking to invest about 5000 $ in your project. Will that make us an investor? It will be great if you can provide further details.
Also I would be keen to know just the synopsis if that is ok by you. 

Thanks & Regards,
Shilpa & Madhusudan.

This email woke me up and I figured that I had started something NEW and REVOLUTIONARY. Funds started pouring in and with in 12 hours, more than a lakh had made it into my account. All money coming in from strangers in various parts of the world.