One of my all time favorite films is The Raging Bull. I have seen it many times and I seem to learn something very special every time I see it. Follow the above link and read the trivia, it is very interesting.

This little post is as a reaction to many things that are happening in the Film industry right now. Stars fighting against dubbing. Audience demanding better content. Stars reading cheques and not the scripts. It just makes me wonder how did people in the west resolve all this 30-40 years ago.

In Raging bull, the lead actor, Robert De Niro went through a physical transformation to play the character. There was a time when I was trying for the lean mean body! I know how difficult it is to get there. And Robert De Niro, got his 8 pack body to play the boxer and then took the time off and put on 60 pounds to play the fat man. He lost that great looking body for just one film.

As a writer/director I’d love to write movies which have substances like Raging Bull. But who will act? Robert De Niro was a BIG star, not some struggling actor who had the time to do this transformation.

It hurts us when the audience take it for granted that the whole of KFI is BAD, that all of them are dumb and are not hard working. This is when everyone who is working hard feels like leaving and going to places where their work is respected.

I request the audience not to be fanatics. Worship your stars when they shine because of their work and not because of the glory they can afford to buy. Today every star takes their work for granted. No one is willing to give the kind of time it takes to become the character. Instead the directors and the writers are told to make the movie characters look and talk like what the star is. And that is what we are reduced to doing. We first cast the hero and then write a script around him. And a hero wants to do 4-5 movies in a year. A director gets to do just one.

Your stars know that you are brand conscious.  They know that they can do anything and the audience will come and watch them. Audience, please wake up. A film is not just a star, it has a lot of other work that goes into it. A star puts in a maximum of 50 days in the making of the film. The other departments work for another 10 months minimum. However, when the movie is a hit, it is all because of the star and when the movie is flop its all because of the other departments. Is this Justice? How do we encourage the new talents to come in and work?

And request to stars. Come down to the earth, read the scripts. The audience have given you the power, kindly be responsible for that. I really don’t understand what is the need of so MUCH money. Take it where? Please subscribe to doing some work towards progression as well. Its easy to say our audience are dumb, but I guess they’d love it if we could respect their intelligence.

If you want good movies, if you want them in your own language, wake up and support actors who are willing to passionately sweat out blood to play the characters. That is what makes a movie.

With Lucia I am trying to do what is done normally everywhere. Write a script and find actors who would become the characters. And I will stick to this way of working, come what may. If this is my last movie, I don’t give a damn. I want to know why we can’t do something in 2012 which the same species were able to do in 1980!


I appreciate Digant for being honest about what he wants to do. He is at least not faking it like many others we know in the industry. I am glad that Digant stepped out when he realized that he wouldn’t find the kind of time that the movie demanded. This means he valued my script and the intentions with which I am doing this.

I am now working with an ACTOR. Sathish Ninasam was requesting me to let him do this film. I was not taking his requests because of the market pressures. But thanks to this beautiful thing called CROWD FUNDING and all the people who have put in the money, we have decided to make an honest film irrespective of what brand names it will have. Sathish has given me 6 months of his time. He has no money, and neither can this project pay him well. He is doing it because he is an actor and he has rejected all the movies that have come in his way. Now that is what I was looking for. However, we are yet to find an actress with the same attitude.