I had about 50+ applicants for these jobs. It was quite difficult making the right choice. However, the 72 hour competition took care of it. The following young ones have joined me. Hope they get to learn  something from this experience and I get to steal their ideas 😉

Associate Director – Rajath Mahesh

Have known him since 2008. One of the sensible guys around and with an MBA, he has struggled his way through for the last 4-5 years and clearly knows what to expect and what not to expect in the making of a film especially in Kannada. He is also taking care of Home Talkies for me.

Assistant Directors

A bunch of 5 guys. Most of them out of engineering or the ones who quit half way through. Could see my past in of them!

Prajwal and Nitin – these guys made the Short promo in 72 hours, it got pretty popular on youtube.

Sunil – This guy is from Mysore, he made the short promo as well and I saw some of his other short films and figured that he had to be in.

Sai Chakravathy – This one came highly recommended from two of my friends who had made low budget  films. After speaking to Sai I figured that he had the experience of working when there isn’t much money. That got him in.

Mahesh Loni – Well, about this guy… you better read this Blog post called Dharmasankata. You will know who he is and why he made it in.