Cinepolis, one of the most happening multiplexes in Bangalore has come forward to collaborate with Project Lucia. They have already confirmed to host a series of Premiere shows. Probably this is the first time in the history where premiere show dates are discussed even before the shooting begins!

Cinepolis has also agreed to support us with various marketing strategies. In a few weeks you will be able to see exclusive material related to Lucia at their premises.

And the best of all the above, Cinepolis will periodically give out free passes for movies and premieres to those who support Project Lucia. So check out the Support Lucia page and do all that you can! Be in our good books and we will forward your details to them.

I thank Mr. Satish from Cinepolis for joining us with all these goodies.

Visit Cinepolis , book your tickets and watch movies.

Not saying this because they are supporting my film, I honestly love the effect that you get at Cinepolis. And it was great to have Lifeu Ishtene premiered at Cinepolis and that too at one of their best screens. Apparently it was the first kannada movie to be shown on that screen. So go and vist Cinepolis and try out the ‘REAL D’ technology they offer.