Yogarj Bhat and Suri swear by him. They will compromise with anything but won’t make a film with out this man as the Art Director.

I have known Adapa sir since my Theatre days, but I had only heard about him or seen him from far, his presence used to be pretty scary and hence never attempted going closer or talking to him. Every performing artist in Bangalore knows of him. And since my association with Yogaraj Bhat, I got to meet and work with him.

I didn’t even try asking him to do Art for Lifeu Ishtene becoz I assumed that he will be busy with Paramathma and neither would we be able to afford him. Later through other sources I heard that he was hurt that I didn’t ask him to be part of my film. I was shocked!

He is the Art Director for a lot of National Ads shot in Bangalore. Many of the Art work for Hutch and Vodafone were done by him.

He is currently working with Mani Ratnam on a new film along with many other films including Yogaraj’s and Suri’s.

You could guess that his charges would be quite premium. Yes, he is the most expensive Art Director in the industry today. Many   directors don’t even attempt asking him for their movies becoz of his exclusiveness and of course he is loaded with projects all the time.

We met him and told him about LUCIA, narrated the script and told him that the audience were producing the film. Guess his response!

Shashidhar Adapa not only agreed to be the Art director, he offered to do this project for NO fees and he himself will take care of most of the expenditure related to his Department.

He saw the art work done by Baadal Nanjundaswamy for Lifeu Ishtene, and he was impressed with Baadal’s work. So, Baadal will be Coordinating all the art related work with Mr Adapa for us.