On May 14th 2012, we had our first press meet. All the details regarding the project was shared with the members from the media. The entire cast and crew of Lucia was present at the event. Yogaraj Bhat, Vijay Prasad (Director of Sidlingu) and Manjunath (producer of Lifeu Ishtene) also made it the press meet and spoke in favor of the Project.

I am glad that some of the investors also made it, I hope they will write about the press meet in the comments section below. We had geared up to beam this press meet LIVE on the the internet for all the investors, but the idea flopped because there was no internet service in the place where we had hosted the event!

Pictures of the press meet follows, the video will be available shortly.

Results of the Press meet –




Start viewing the below Video at 3:10 mins