Ashok R, is the new enthusiast in the Team Lucia. He is the VP of an IT company and yet so insanely devoted to watching Kannada movies. He got in touch with us when we were hunting for locations and he offered us his office space. Later, he wanted to do more than just offering his office space, so we shared with him about all the challenges we were facing. Since then Ashok has been working on this project passionately, taking care of the sponsorship deals and many other needs of this project. He understood the problems we were facing, and he took up the challenge to clear it up for us. He being a marketing person has taken up these challenges personally and works on it day and night. Though he is mad about movies as an audience, he is working on this project as passionately as my entire team is. Anything we need, we just inform him and more than often he will have a contact and connect us to them and get it done for us.

I hope more people will come forward and do their little bit for Project Lucia, which isn’t just a movie anymore, it is now a movement to reconnect the filmmakers with their audience.

If you are in the Marketing dept of your company or know anyone personally, connect with us. We have many more corporate tie ups to do and we have to do all of that in the next few days ! 🙂