(Posted by a producer who likes to be anonymous)

I was really curious and excited to go the Lucia Sets on 19 June. I almost couldn’t sleep the previous night in excitement to see the Lucia crew the next day at the Rajeshwari Theatre on Old Airport Road. Mahesh the co-director did let me know the previous day that the location isn’t any great and the theatre shows only Adult movies. I wasn’t much worried about that and I did get up at 7:00 AM the next day, went to the temple and managed to reach the location by 9:00 AM.

It was Prajwal and Nitin the Assistant directors that I saw first outside the theatre and later when I was about to get inside the theatre it was Pawan the Director who was coming out. They all were very busy in trying to sort out various things required for shooting.  I was just there as a mute spectator and after some time Pawan did recognize me and introduced me to Mahesh. I was welcomed to be on the sets and was  asked to watch things. 

The first scene that was shot that morning outside the theatre was the scene where the Hero(Satish) and Heorine(Sruthi) come on a scooty and get inside the theatre. There were various things that were considered while shooting this simple scene. They covered all existing posters with a blank paper and moved all the vehicles that were parked outside the theatre which were coming in the field of the camera. There was specific instruction given to the heroine to park the vehicle at an exact position and different camera angles with various lenses (Prime and Zoom) were taken to shoot the scene. The shoot that captured my interest was the scene where they were capturing the face and the expression of the heroine from the vehicle’s(scooty) mirror. They had to set up lights to get this shot. I somehow felt it was a good shot.

Their was this scene that was shot where the Hero and Heroine are getting inside the theater hall and pass from one side to the other. The scenes were all being shot on Canon 5D Mark II and the lenses were of top quality Canon L series and Carl Zeiss prime. The interesting thing that I learnt in this shot was that one has to manually change the focus ring to get the subject under exact focus when the DOP (Director of Photographer) SID (Siddarth) was panning the subject. It was the Assistant DOP (Nishanth) who was doing this. This guy Nishanth was absolutely wonderful and was always keen to answer most of my questions.His practical knowledge is fabulous and I thank him for all his support.

Post this they had a Lunch break and I happen to have my Lunch with Hero (Satish) and Badal (the guy who had this good creative work done with Graffiti on various scenes in Life Istene film). It was nice interacting with them and they were really down to earth.

The other scene post Lunch that caught my attention was the scene which was in the projector room where the Heroine shows her dissent towards the Hero. This was shot from 3 different angles and almost took three hours to complete. Pawan, Mahesh and SID were working relentlessly to get everything right. The light department and the art department were working had to meet the Director’s vision.  Film Making is hard work and requires immaculate patience and perseverance.

The entire film schedule of 12 hours on the given day from 6 AM to 6 PM was utilized to shot 5 scenes and I am sure it wont take more than 3 minutes of actual time in the entire movie. As an investor I am mighty impressed with Pawan and his team’s hard work. As the saying goes there’s no substitute for hard work, I am sure everyone involved will reap the benefits of good work.

Producer of Lucia