Gombegalla response to the movie Gombegalla Love. The few audience who have seen the film will understand what that phrase means.

For the last one week, I am seeing Santosh, the young director of that movie at our office. He comes and stays almost the whole day discussing with Yogaraj on how he can get more theatre’s to release his film. HE HAS NO BUDGETS what so ever to distribute and release the film across Karnataka. He just has one theatre – Kailash in Majestic; and I think even that has come down to just two shows a day. Everyday I see him in our office, it just feels so bad to see a creative guy who has done something new, now suffering to get theatres. Yogaraj is making calls, telling various distributors, multiplexes to release the film, but no one is coming forward. Mainly because it doesn’t make any business sense. You can’t blame the distributors at all, how will they take the risk of LAKHS of rupees of investment, something they are bound to lose. Though I sincerely wish that someone takes the risk and the audience turns up. But that’s not going to happen, unless there is a miracle.

Trailer of the movie – Gombegalla Love

In my trip to London, I sat through many seminars. And there were some talks where the speakers would abuse the audience and call them NAMES. I have no right to share those sentiments, especially when I am making a film with the help of the audience, but you know, sometimes they can piss you off!

What do you really want to see?

  1. Girish Kasaravalli wins awards across the globe but gets one show in a multiplex for one week, and thats about it. 
  2. Santosh, a young boy makes something new and fresh, but suffers to get it into theatres.
  3. Some XYZ makes a crappy remake with a STAR, and they get 150+ theatres, but audience complain about that as well.

So, what do you really want to watch? Look at it from our POV and tell us what you would do? What should Santosh do next? He made a good ‘out of the box’ movie. How should he now bring it to you? Please tell him. Over the years he has heard you saying – “Make something different, we will watch”. He kept his promise, why aren’t you?

Every time I see Santosh sitting in the Office, I feel scared, I see myself there, 2 months from now I will be going through the same plight. But there are some who think LUCIA is over-promoted! Online promotions is next to NOTHING! A Facebook like and Youtube views means nothing in the practical world. Its like the elections. The educated constantly whine and make online petitions and sound concerned, but it is the innocent uneducated people who actually line up and vote for the devil who has falsely promised them a better life. Similar to how the innocent masses rush to a movie hall to be entertained by their gods. Its a fool proof system, its working perfectly both in Politics and Cinema. The masses continue to get cheated in the name of good governance and quality entertainment. And we the  educated ones continue to raise ‘just’ our voices against all this. But we will NEVER raise our butts from the chairs and go do something. Infact, many of you who are reading this will very soon look through torrents and youtube for a free copy of the movie. You will watch it free of cost. Like it. Share it. But that will not feed any of those 100’s of people who worked on that film.

How about this Real time fact – There are 50,000+ views on Youtube for the LUCIA trailer, on the contrary there is just 265 Pre-orders. Which means 0.5% of the audience actually acted and the rest just ‘liked’ ‘shared’ or ‘commented’. But that is not going to help in anyway. Why we promote so much, ‘complain’ and ‘whine’ so much is bcoz we are going to be the next in the line to get a treatment like that of Gombegalla Love. I don’t know if LUCIA is as good as Gombegalla Love, but when it comes to the way the film is made and released, we both are in the same place. All it takes is just 15,000 active Kannada audience to BRING in the BIG change. Its a pity that in a population which is 6,00,00,000+ we can’t find 15,000 change makers.

What will Santosh possibly do next? He might movie to another industry where his skills are respected and appreciated. From what I know and have experienced , he might not get another producer, bcoz producers rarely see the quality of the film one makes, they will only see the BUSINESS aspect, and it is the right thing to do from their POV. There could be a miracle, you never know, but it ‘HAS’ to be a miracle for something to happen with Santosh’s next movie, with his career.

This is why we envisioned ‘AUDIENCE FILMS’, this is why we called it a Parallel Film Industry. This is why crowd funded Production and Distribution platforms can be a game changer. If these things are in place, Santosh wouldn’t need a MIRACLE for his next film. He would just need the support of  few 15,000 people from all over the world to make a good second film. I can asure you that if Audience Films becomes a successful model, a movie like Gombegalla Love will have no problems in distribution or publicity. Even if it makes no business sense, we all can release the film in 250+ theatres and still not go through any losses.

So next time you feel like saying – “Make a good movie, and the audience will come” – “When the movie is good, it doesn’t need publicity” – “Why can’t the Kan industry do something different?” – etc etc etc. Please remember that you are the culprit. Remember the movie Gombegalla Love which you didn’t see in the theatres. And at least have the guts to say – “I am responsible for whatever is happening”.