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Yes, you read that right. Don’t support Lucia. Lucia doesn’t need ‘support’. Lucia is not a charitable venture to ‘support’. When you look at LUCIA as something that requires ‘support’ then you are failing to see the long term goals of this film production model. May be we used the word ‘support’ in some of our own communications. But ‘support’ is the wrong word to use for Lucia.

We started the idea of ‘Pre-Order’ and ‘Online Distribution’ to bring in a new model of Film production which is Fair and Transparent. Hoping that this will set a platform for the genuine talents to work and do the best with their skills.

Charity is not what a project like Lucia wants, there are better things out there to do charity for. So don’t think ‘Pre-order’ is charity. Pre-order is an opportunity for you to play the role of a DISTRIBUTOR at a very low price/low risk. With a Pre-order, not only are you getting a copy of the film, but you also get an opportunity to make money of the film. And we want you to do that. The more the money you make, that many more audience we get to watch our film. And that is what we want – more audience.

People think it is a lot of work to distribute! It’s not. All of us do social media promotions for the movies we like, and we do it for free all the time, so we are already doing distribution for free. In Lucia, we just came up with a system where you will be paid for promoting/distributing the movie. So it is really not just ‘support’ or ‘charity’. Its mutually benefiting business. And Pre order with that intention not with the intention of charity, bcoz then you won’t do it the next time. Why should you not be sharing the profits we make? You will tell 10-20 people on your social netwrok to watch Lucia and we will get those 10-20 people to watch our movie becoz of you and we should give you your share for that. I think it is fair.

This entire system is automated. One doesn’t have to worry if we will actually stick to our promises. As soon as you Pre-order, your email ID is registered with affiliation/distribution percentages. So it is not something we have to manually approve. So go ahead and trust computer programming if not for human promises! In main stream movies, distributors take risks worth crores in distributing a movie. Now you can play that role and see how it feels, at a very minimal cost, as low as 500 INR.

As an audience member you have been questioning us why we can’t reach out to 6 crore people in Karnataka with our movies. Well, here is a challenge for you – We will give you a movie and we will give you all the tools you need, can you reach out to 6 people? Can you?

Lucia is a social experiment, a community experiment. When the experiment began, the question was – Are we a society of people who are constantly complaining and whining about the problems or do we actually do something about it. Phase one of the experiment was a success – Audience funded the film.  Phase two of this experiment is to independently distribute this film, on par with any other film. Will we succeed in that ? Are you going to be part of that success?

To give you an estimate of how much it will cost for good Publicity and Distribution across Karnataka
(on par with a Star oriented film)

One week theatre rental for 100 theatres – 1 Crore 10 Lakhs
Projection costs per week – 10 Lakhs
Television promotions in 5 news channels – 15 Lakhs
Street posters – 10 Lakhs
Paper Ads – 7 Lakhs
Flex prints for theatres – 5 Lakhs
Hoardings – 10 Lakhs
SMS promotions – 3 lakhs
Misc Marketing plans – 10 Lakhs

1 Crore 80 Lakhs is the cost of Promotion and Distribution for one week.
Around 12,000 Pre-orders will cover that cost. (difficult target but not impossible)
My Facebook account alone has 14,500 subscribers, now we need to see how many of those are CHANGE MAKERS!

Its in your hands now, you tell us if we should simply release this film in multiplexes for a week or have a big release like everyone else. My promise was to make this film in 50 lakh and I have delivered that. What next? You tell me.

(A fact that is going to make you angry – Other language films spend 10% of the above cost and make 100% profits in Karnataka. Their publicity expenditure in Karnataka is around 10 Lakhs only, yet their films go full houses. This is irrespective of how good or bad the movie is. Thanks to us, who always think, the food next door is better than home food)