matrixThe red pill and the blue pill, represent the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red). This was made popular in the movie – The Matrix. We all remember the scene where Morpheus says – This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I was always fascinated with that scene, and as I grew older and had to make choices, that scene would keep popping up in my head. Now I am 30, and I have come to understand that there is only one real thing in every minute of our lives, and that is – CHOICES!

We are always making choices, always running an ‘IF-ELSE’ program in our head. Right now, your sub-conscious is running that program, it is giving you two choices, whether to read this post till the end or just shut it right away! You are yet to make that choice. So which pill are you opting for? BLUE(Illusion – “Ah! I know what this post is going to be. Shut it.) or RED(Reality – “Let’s see what this post is all about“).

I have also come to understand that 99% of the humans choose the Blue pill most of the time. They all have hard coded their ‘If-else’ program with the library – #Include<Ignorance is Bliss>

From my experiences I can say that the red pill is the fun pill. The pill that makes you sleep well in the nights, that gives you a purpose to wake up, that makes you happy in the most depressing times, that makes you feel alive all the time. Take a moment and think when was the last time you took a red pill. Don’t read further, just think for a moment. When was the last time you choose Reality over Illusion! Feb 2012, I was offered with the Red and the Blue pill. The blue pill came in the form of a rich veteran producer who wanted his Son to have a second launch as a Hero in the movie business. He offered me Rs. 9 Lakh to direct a movie for his son. I haven’t seen that kind of money in my entire 10 years. As an artist, I was content with the ‘high’ my art would give me. But who doesn’t want 9 Lakh, for just 6 months of work. I would have released my second film in September 2012. It doesn’t matter if the film was a good one or not, because I would be under the illusion that I am done with my second film and would be feeling quite rich! And trust me by now, I would have popped another blue pill and would have probably made more than 9 Lakhs. Ignorance is definitely Bliss.

Red pill is reality and it offered me Lucia. If I was going to take the Red Pill, then it meant that I would be not be earning till I was done with the movie, I would be letting go of the 9 Lakh offer. Treading a path full of mysteries and hardships. But it was going to be real. The little joys were going to be real, the pain was going to be real. However, with the Blue pill – everything was going to be an Illusion.

I chose the RED PILL. My ‘if-else’ program started with – #Include< Stubbornness>. This choice is the second best choice I have made in my life so far. The first best choice being – Quitting College.


Lucia might be a flop, the whole one year could be waste of time, the whole project could be a failure, I would make no money at all, I might be a joke etc etc. But amidst all those insignificant losses I would have earned the right to tell a story for the rest of my life, I would have got an experience to share, I can proudly claim that I have the balls to live the reality.

Almost everyone who is associated with Lucia can proudly claim that they took the RED pill, that they dared to not play safe. 110 people had the courage to gamble with their hard earned money to make this movie. Poornachandra had the courage to quit his well paying Software Job and get into Music Production. Siddarth Nuni sacrificed many of his Ad Film projects to make this film which was paying him peanuts. The actors, the crew, everyone has at one point taken the RED pill. I can assue you of that.

What I am trying to say through this post is that, we are not afraid of losing in this project. It doesn’t matter to me whether Lucia will be a commercial Hit or a Flop. What will matter is the regret that we could have done so much more and we didn’t. That would be the biggest disappointment in this story. The fact that not enough number of people took the Red pill – that would be the Loss, that would be  the tragic end of this story. An end I dont like, and I am trying day n night to rewrite this screenplay.

I can easily find a single source to Distribute this film. Worse come worse, I have to just sell my soul, sign up a Rich Son’s movie and use that money to get this film released. The film might become a success and make me rich, but it would still be a LOSS. A defeat. Your defeat.

I want this project to be the answer from the audience to the Film Industry which is churning out sub standard products, ruining the culture, killing the regional language. An Industry which gives 100’s reasons why they are not successful, cannot give a single solution to solve a problem.

shoutI want YOU – THE AUDIENCE to shame them by proving them wrong. There are simple solutions to solve all the existing problems, you must make the industry aware of it. ‘Project Lucia’ is the one and the only chance you will ever get to do that.

Through Project Lucia I want to bring back the Dignity in ‘making’ and ‘watching’ a Kannada film. I want our movies to be discussed at a national level. The industry should do good business, create jobs for the local talent, should uphold our own folk and language. When an entire industry fails in doing this, I think you – the audience must stand up and teach them a lesson.

Lucia wanting to release in 250+ theatres is not an impractical dream. It is a desperate attempt to make a point loud and clear – “Kannada is the regional language in Karnataka and a Kannada movie has the right to release across the state”.  But we won’t cry and demand for it unlawfully. We will pay the money and make it happen legally. I know it is difficult but not impossible. It is possible only if you all want to make that point as well. It takes only 15,000 change makers to reach out to 250 theatres x 7 days x 4 shows x 400 seats = 28 Lakh people in One week.

I think I have said enough, I don’t understand why many of you think that this is ‘my’ solo fight. It is not. It is our fight. And if there is no ‘US’ then I am wasting my time here. Honestly, I have a better hold on Hindi, and I have good opportunities in Hindi. It is not at all difficult for me to just shift. But I want to do this. I want to fight for my home. Because If I move to Hindi, and if some guy there makes fun of Kannada movies, it is going to prick me, make me feel guilty that I didn’t do something about it.

Lucia, is just another movie. It will release and will be gone in few weeks. But ‘Project Lucia’ is unique. Audience Films is Unique. And that is going to stay. That is going to start new process, that is going to make a difference. We should be looking at just that, not the movie, not if it is going to be good or not.

robbers-decampSo, if you are motivated enough to take a red pill, to wake up, to make a difference, to live the reality. Then simply pre-order and become an Online distributor. Even if you don’t understand what it means to be an Online Distributor, just do it – Blindly, we will make you understand later! Trust us, or dont trust us and think that we are going to run away with all the money, still decide to do it.  I just had dinner outside, Rs. 403 was the bill. And the Pre-Order for Lucia costs just Rs. 500. So think you are having a good dinner and pre-order. The result of this little sacrifice will be so rewarding that you will be so proud of yourself.

When 110 people invested last year, they had no clue what LUCIA is. None of us knew that we would win an International award, that we would proudly play our Kannada Song in British Council office in London for a bunch of International Audience. The investors didn’t know that I was going to remember them and not my father mother wife etc when I was receiving the award. No one knew that the song and the trailer would go Viral online and get more attention than any star.big budget movie. It all just happened because we had the balls to choose the RED pill. What about you?

Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth.” I am saying “Give me enough support and I will bring in a positive change

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