On the occasion of Anand Audio acquiring the Lucia Audio Album, we’d like to share with you something special. Something Innovative. Something Lucia.

Everything with Lucia has been a bit “Different”. Keeping up with the tradition, we have attempted to release these unique Digital Posters. Check it out and feel free to share! Do let us know what you think of these. More to come.

(Click on the image to load the magic poster in full res)

C_MVI_0180_thumb   C_MVI_0472_thumb   C_MVI_0461_thumb   C_MVI_0872_thumb

These magic posters are designed by Surya Vasishta

Liked these?? Then you will LOVE the hidden one…

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You will also stand a chance to win a Couple invite for the Lucia Audio Album Launch Event happening in the First week of June 2013.