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Lucia, is a feature film written and directed by Pawan Kumar of Lifeu Ishtene fame and produced by the audience themselves. Yes, you read that right! This is the first Kannada feature film to be completely Crowd Funded! It won the Best Film award at the Indian London Film Festival 2013.

This movie is a Romantic Thriller. There is a boy and there is a girl, hence there is a love story! But how is this love story unique from the 1000’s of love stories churned out in our country? Every love story is unique because of its Villain. Sometimes it is a giant rowdy and sometimes the parents, Indian Cinema has more or less explored all possibilities. In Lucia we have respected the intelligence of the audience, we have created a villain who exists in the minds of the boy and the girl, who is in their dreams, in their nightmares. This creates the opportunity to tell a simple love story like its a action thriller! Something that will hold the attention of today’s impatient audience.

What is the take away from the movie? Live your Dreams!

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